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What are the basic technical requirements to use the Smart Lotto service?

Do you accept EFT, Cheques, Postal Orders or Money Orders?

Do you offer lower commission rates for larger transaction volumes?

How can I cancel/delete my Smart Lotto account?

Are there any hidden fees such as cancellation fees we should be aware of?

Is there a refund policy?

Where can I get a copy of an invoice?

What is SSL and why is it used on Smart Lotto?

Is Smart Lotto available in other languages besides English?

Do we need to install Smart Lotto on our own pc or server?

Do you provide telephone support?

Can you customise Smart Lotto for us?

How is the winning lotto numbers picked?

Why is there a €20,000 limit on the lotto draw game?

What are my legal obligations if I want to use Smart Lotto services for my Club?

Can we use the SMART LOTTO system if we run a manual draw?

How do I get members signed up?

How do I drive ticket sales?

How do I avail of your offers?


In The Press

Smart Lotto have launched!

We will be keeping everyone up to date with latest developments ...

Smart Lotto opens new office

Smart Lotto opens new office at The Harbour Belmullet.

New Feature

Smart Lotto adds exciting Prize Draw feature to new service

News Feed feature added

Smart Lotto adds News Feed feature to its new service

Smart Lotto Service Launch by An Taoiseach

Smart Lotto were delighted and honoured to have the service launched by An Taoiseach Enda Kenny