Lotto Game Play

Using Smart Lotto allows members and supporters to play and support their local lotto using any device, including a smartphone.

Providing clubs and charities with the tools to effectively sell their local lotto tickets in every sitting room, house, bar, restaurant and shop across the country and make their local lotto tickets as accessible as the National lottery’s.

The Game Play format is presented in a safe, secure, seamless and easy to understand layout optimised for mobile play which will provide the player with a high quality and fun user experience, and with a virtual ticket being generated and saved to your account each and every time you play.

The Lotto Game Play is completely customisable for individual clubs and charities to customise in order to reflect their existing lotto formats and includes the following features,

  • Multiple game selection, 20 – 40 ball draws

  • Customisable ticket pricing

  • Customisable discounting structures

  • Multi Lotto Draw entry

  • Weekly or Monthly Draws

  • Lucky Dip & Match 3 functionality

  • Logo Branding of tickets

  • Automatic Lotto draw Selection functionality

  • Automatic notifications


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