Step 4: Promote

Your Club/Organisation is live, using all of the expert information and marketing guidance and while working with the Smart Lotto team, monitoring sales and increasing revenue will be a far easier task then ever before with the Smart Lotto system.

It’s simple and easy to use to generate news, schedule emails and SMS messages and keep track of supporter growth and monitoring sales and revenue.

The Smart Lotto system is safe, secure, simple and efficient.

It can be accessed from any smart phone, tablet, desktop or laptop making access to the system as simple as signing into a Facebook account.

Once you have your login details you can access the back office, from here you can see your organisations total revenue to date in a clear and easy to understand layout, you can also find out your weekly & monthly sales for prize draws and individual lotto draws with downloadable data sheets available to keep track of

Ensuring ease of use by making all of our datasheets download into CSV format, which opens in microsoft excel.

Having a downloadable datasheet along with access where ever you are, be it at home or abroad, you’ll always have your supporter information, results, prize draw details and much more all at the touch of a button. In a clear, efficient, easy to use and understand interface.

Want a offline database of your supporters, download and print out any or all lotto draw results, prize draw results and supporter information, it’s fast and easy and keeps you on top of your lottery draw.