Frequently Asked Questions

What are the basic technical requirements to use the Smart Lotto service?

The Smart Lotto Service can be accessed via the internet using a standard internet browser. Players have an additional option of accessing the service via the downloadable mobile app. supports a wide range of browsers including IE, Chrome, Firefox and Safari. Smart Lotto needs both cookies and JavaScript enabled in order to operate correctly. Cookies must be turned on so that the application can maintain your session and recognise who you are. Extensive use of JavaScript is employed to provide an enhanced user experience.

Do you accept EFT, Cheques, Postal Orders or Money Orders?

Generally No. In order to provide to best transaction rate to customers we have built an automated credit/debit card payments processing system to reduce our admin overheads in fee collection. This benefits our customers by allowing us to charge a lower transaction cost that we otherwise could not. However there is a facility to apply credit to an account wherein a client wishes to make an annual payment deposit in advance.

Do you offer lower commission rates for larger transaction volumes?

We are open to negotiation on a better rate for consistent clubs/organisations that generate larger volume ticket sales. We expect all customers to sign-up to our service at the standard rate for at least six months so that we can monitor the actual sales volume and general trend. Once a case has been made by trial then a new rate can be agreed

How can I cancel/delete my Smart Lotto account?

It is not necessary to \”Cancel\” your account to stop Gameplay. If you just wish to stop or suspend Gameplay, simply change the status of your Lotto Game to OFF and Suspend any active Prize Draws. You can \”Cancel\” your account over the phone by contacting your account manager at the SMARTLOTTO office.

Your cancelled account may remain accessible for a period of 60 days after cancellation to allow you continued access to your invoices and other game related data via a the main SMARTLOTTO.IE website login area. Important Note: A final invoice will be produced when you confirm your wish to cancel. Once payment of this invoice has been received, your account will be marked for deletion. All data will be deleted after 60 days upon final invoice payment or when cancellation has been requested, whichever is sooner.
Note: there is no undo.

Are there any hidden fees such as cancellation fees we should be aware of?

The answer is no. We don’t charge any registration fees, cancellation fees, or other sneaky fees. You simply pay a monthly transaction fee based on the ticket sales that you have made.

Is there a refund policy?

Smart Lotto charges for service on a usage basis only. No refunds are avaialble for any service supplied in good faith by SMART LOTTO.

Where can I get a copy of an invoice?

Click the “Payments” tab. All invoices are listed on this page.

What is SSL and why is it used on Smart Lotto?

SSL is an acronym for \”Secure Socket Layer\”, a security protocol that provides communications privacy over the Internet. This protocol is the same technology used by banks, e-commerce and large cloud data companies to keep your information safe and secure during transmission. Smart Lotto uses SSL to ensure your communications between your browser, App and Smart Lotto web applications is absolutely private and secure.

Is Smart Lotto available in other languages besides English?

At this time is only available in English.

Do we need to install Smart Lotto on our own pc or server?

No software download or installation is required either to manage or for players to read news and play games. No additional hardware is required. The Smart Lotto application is delivered as a software service over the Internet. All you need is an Internet connection and a standard Internet Browser. We maintain the servers that run the application. We look after security, updates and improvements so you don’t have to. For the mobile user (players & members) convenience there is an optional Android and iPhone app that facilitates a push messaging experience and services the need to have a “downloadable app” for players.

Do you provide telephone support?

We provide customer support to account owners (club/organisation administrators) via email and telephone during office hours (09:00 to 17:00 MON-FRI). We respond to all email requests within 4 hours and by the next business day for email requests made outside office hours. In the event of an emergency you can contact out-of-hours technical support by texting a message to 097 82778 with your customer ID.

Can you customise Smart Lotto for us?

At this time there is only one version of our software service hosted at This allows us to maintain the software service and apply improvements and upgrades for everyone’s benefit at the same time. You can suggest a new feature for consideration at any time. We will evaluate these and respond to you within 24 hours.

How is the winning lotto numbers picked?

There are two methods available to administrators to effect winning number pick.

  • Automated: where the system randomly picks the balls/numbers at 22:00hrs on the selected draw date.
  • Manual: where administrators can enter numbers picked “from a hat” at a witnessed live event/venue.

NOTE: While winning numbers can be entered manually it is the sole responsibility of the club administrator to correctly enter manually picked winning numbers before committing the result by pressing SAVE. Once SAVE has been pressed the entered winning numbers will be recorded and members notified of the result.


Why is there a €20,000 limit on the lotto draw game?

Current Irish legislation for small private lotteries impose an upper limit of €20,000 on any such draws.

What are my legal obligations if I want to use Smart Lotto services for my Club?

The organisation will need to apply for a licence to the District Court for the area in which the lottery will be held. This can be done on any given Wednesday. An individual from the organisation would need to act as the license holder on the license application, and comply with the regulations of the Gaming and Lotteries Act, 1956. The total value of the prizes must not exceed €20,000 to be awarded in any one week but an amount greater than this could be awarded at intervals.

Prior to filing with the District Court, you must notify the Gardaí 28 days in advance of the license application. This notice period is absolutely necessary.

The organisation will need to obtain a permit from the local superintendent in the area in order to run a prize draw. If an organisation is in any doubt in relation to licencing they should speak with their solicitor or the local superintendent.

Can we use the SMART LOTTO system if we run a manual draw?

Yes. The Lotto Draw can be configured for manual winning number entry to facilitate clubs which draw lotto numbers “from-a-hat” within an authorised and witnessed social event. While winning numbers can be entered manually it is the sole responsibility of the club administrator to correctly enter manually picked winning numbers before committing the result by pressing SAVE. Once SAVE has been pressed the entered winning numbers will be recorded and members notified of the result.

How do I get members signed up?

The easiest way to get members signed up is to send them an email or SMS message informing them of your Club/organisations new facilities using SMART LOTTO services. You will send them a link (URL) that they can click and register as a member.

How do I drive ticket sales?

There are many ways to drive ticket sales. As well as using your established promotional channels you can use the SMARTLOTTO system to send club news out directly to member’s phones via Text Message, via Email or via the downloadable App. The more active you are in sending news of interest to your members using the SMART LOTTO system the more the SMART LOTTO DRAW and PRIZE DRAWS are presented to them.

How do I avail of your offers?

We regularly run special offers for new and existing organisations. The offers are as advertised and redemption must be carried out as instructed on the offer.

Offers that have expired, cannot be availed of past the date advertised.