Want to increase your Lotto Revenue?

We have a solution for you and your organisation, Smart Lotto is an online platform that allows members and supporters to support their local sporting club or charity from anywhere in the world using their mobile device. Smart Lotto is designed to provide supporters a simple & straight forward way to support their local sporting club or charity without the need to commit to any monthly direct debits or minimum donations. Supporters can choose who, when and for how much they want to spend supporting their local sports club or charity, with the knowledge their support is making a real difference.

Benefits for the Supporter

  • Quick & Simple to use with no monthly commitment or minimum donations to play
  • SMS & Email reminder notifications when your chosen lotto is taking place
  • Players can play multiple draws across the registered sporting groups & charities
  • All money raised goes straight into your chosen organisations bank account.

Benefits for Clubs/Charities

  • Customisable ticket pricing, discounting, emails, SMS & no. of ball draws
  • SMS & Email platform to communicate with lotto players
  • All money raised goes straight into your organisation bank account (no middle man)
  • Full Training provided without additional charge.
  • Competitive fee structure including transaction and SMS fees.

In 4 simple steps your club or charity can be trading online:

Step 1: Open an account

Register your Club/Organisation interest on the SMARTLOTTO.IE website or by clicking here and filling out our quick registration form. Once completed one of our members of staff will phone you back and explain the process from there and to give you your access details and talk you through set-up and answer any questions you may have.

Step 2: Details at the ready

To help speed up the process before we call, gather details such as your Club/Organisations current jackpot, increase rate, discounts etc, having all this relevant information ready for us to enter into your Club/Organisations page. Setting up Prize Draws can also be discussed during the phone call

Step 3: Generating Ticket Sales & News

Once all of your details are input, and your Club/Organisation is live, you can start inviting your members to register and play via your gameplay link. And you can also start creating news about your Club/Organisation with our easy to use system interface.

Step 4: Sit back, Relax and Monitor Sales & Revenue

Your Club/Organisation is live, all you can do now is watch it grow, using feedback from our SMARTLOTTO system to get weekly reports on revenue, ticket sales, player growth and more all from the comfort of your own home.