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Kilmaine GAA Club was founded on the 9th of March,1937. Community is at the heart of our club. Everything we do helps to enrich the communities we serve. As a voluntary led organisation, it is our aim to continuously fill that role for our members with the help of you and any funding that we receive. Fundraising plays a huge role within our community. It determines the future of our organisation.

Fundraising empowers our team and offers a sense of unity. It gives us that common goal to get behind, a single milestone that we can reach as a group, as a community, as a team. We are dedicated to ensuring that our family of games, and the values we live, enrich the lives of our members, families, and the community we live in. We foster a clear sense of identity and place, welcome everybody to be part of our club, we respect each other on and off the playing fields, we operate with integrity at all levels and we listen and respect the views of all.

Kilmaine Community can now boast having one of the most impressive grounds in Mayo. In the 1990’s Kilmaine were lucky to have such enthusiastic leaders on the council & on the GAA board who worked tirelessly to build a new stand. The ambition of both parties here in this regard was to provide a modern terrace with a good view & shelter to all aspects of the pitch. A new set of dug-outs soon followed on the opposite side of the stand. It was felt with the new stand in place, aspects to certain areas of the pitch from the old dug-outs were restricted.

The GAA’s values are the heart and soul of our club. In every club around the world they are what connects us, what makes us unique and what attracts more and more players, members, volunteers and supporters.

Ní neart go cur le chéile  - There is no strength without working together

Kilmaine GAA


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